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Transportation – Off Campus, District Sponsored Activities

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I plan on driving my student to all of his/her off campus activities. Do I need to fill out any forms?
A: Yes, you will need to fill out the Student Alternate Transportation Form. If you plan on ever driving other non-sibling students, you will need to complete a Volunteer Information/Clearance form and Volunteer Personal Automobile Use form. Many of you have already completed the Volunteer Information/Clearance form and are an approved WJUSD volunteer. Approved volunteers also need to complete the Volunteer Personal Automobile Use form.
Q: How can I find out if I am already on the WJUSD approved volunteer list?
A: Each school’s site secretary and athletic director will have an updated WJUSD volunteer list. Your inquiry should be made to one of these individuals.
Q: I will not be able to drive other students and will need transportation for my student. How can I find out who the designated drivers are?
A: We are asking all coaches in all sports to hold an informational parent meeting. During this meeting, each coach should solicit all parents interested in serving as designated drivers and ensure all volunteer forms are in order. Coaches should take this initial list to their site secretary to verify approved drivers. Drivers not approved should be encouraged to complete the two volunteer transportation forms (Information/Clearance and Personal Automobile Use Forms) required. Coaches should communicate to their parent group a list of available drivers.
Q: I am not on the WJUSD volunteer list and I would like to drive other students to activities. What do I need to do?
A: You will need to complete the following:
  1. Volunteer Personal Automobile Use Form (Copy of Drivers License Insurance Policy Declaration Page)
  2. Volunteer Information/Clearance Form (TB Clearance)
  3. Live scan fingerprinting is required form
These forms need to be submitted to your school’s site secretary.
Q: I understand that fees for fingerprinting range from $43-$47 depending on where I go. Can I be reimbursed for this cost?
A: Possibly. We are asking parents of student athletes to consider donating to the athletic program to support partial reimbursement for the costs associated with becoming a WJUSD approved volunteer to transport students to off-campus activities.
Q: Can my student drive himself/herself to off-campus activities?
A: If the student meets all the requirements listed under the Student Personal Automobile Use Form and the Student Alternate Transportation Form, they are eligible to drive to off-campus events.
Q: What happens if a student violates the transportation form guidelines?
A: The five secondary sites will meet together to develop a progressive discipline plan. This plan will be shared with both students and parents. Consequences could include, but not limited to, removal of student off-campus driving privilege or suspension from future off-campus activities.
Q: Do off-campus transportation rules apply for games taking place between two schools in Woodland?
A: Yes. Student and parent drivers should be careful and avoid transporting unapproved students in their vehicles to cross town events.
Q: My student will need a ride to his/her events. What form do I need to fill out?
A: The Student Alternate Transportation Form. Your school coach or event advisor can help you identify appropriate designated drivers to list.
Q: My child plays more that one sport. Do I need to fill out more than one form each season?
A: Student Alternate Transportation Forms need to be completed any time there are new events or series of events. For example, students participating in an athletic sport in the winter will fill out a new Alternate Transportation Form for a spring sport.
Volunteer Personal Automobile Forms and Student Personal Automobile forms are kept on file at the school site and are good for one school year.
Volunteer information/clearance forms, once approved, do not need to be completed again by the parent and remain valid (pending annual review) throughout the student’s academic career in WJUSD.
Q. My child will be leaving to attend an event and the time they will need to leave will be prior to the end of the school day. How do they check out from school?
A. Each school site will have an event list of students who will be driving themselves, driving with parents/guardians and/or driving with another approved adult. Students are expected to use the sign-out procedures utilized at each site. These procedures are typically the same for all off-campus appointments, including, but not limited to, medical and dental appointments. For students being dismissed early, parents driving students, including their own, will need to pick up students to be transported at the school site.
School site athletic directors will work with coaches to ensure dismissal times have a minimum effect on the instructional day.